Solution Focused Training Programme Course aims and objectives:
To equip the worker with tools, resources and knowledge to effectively support children, young people and adults in achieving positive change.
Course content:
Solution Focused Method
As part of the  programme you will learn the Solution Focused Method. This is a highly effective method that allows you to support children, young people and adults in solving problems quickly. This ap- proach offers the worker 5 easy to follow steps and a very clear structure to work within and fits perfectly into a 1 hour session. There is a more in-depth explanation about the 5 steps you will learn when you visit
Human behaviour
To help a family achieve positive change quickly it is also important that we understand why children, young people and adults behave the way they do. The ‘6 human needs’, which is another important part of this course, clearly explains human behaviour and offers instant solutions to many problems encoun- tered during sessions.
Specialist Skills
To be able to build trust quickly, motivate someone to engage with you and be willing to take ownership of the process, you need to have specialist communication and people skills. The specialist skills you will learn during this  programme will help you with the following:
•      Building trust
•      Handling your client’s objections
•      Increasing their motivation
•      Discovering their strengths
•      Providing clarity of what they want to achieve from working with you
•      Staying focused on the intervention
•      Turning negatives into positives – Identifying what they do want rather than what they don’t want
•      Knowing how to work with individuals who say ‘ Don’t know’ or refuse to talk
•      Knowing how to work with individuals who have been told to work with you but say there is no
•      Knowing when the individual can manage their situation and no longer need you – exit strategy
•      Increasing someone’s motivation to engage with you and take ownership


Solution Focused Training Programme Who will benefit from this training?
This  training programme is especially designed for social workers, family support workers and those who support children, young people and adults in achieving change in their lives. During the train- ing we will spend a lot of time on role play, practicing working 1 – 1 with a parent.
Role play also benefits workers who work directly with young people.
‘I have found Erik to be extremely passionate and knowledgeable not only around ‘Solution Focused’ but also about working with parents and their children. The quality of the training and resources is first class: I really cannot fault the training, Erik or the process ‘Solution Focused’
Lucy Walker, Manager Brackley’s Children’s Centre, Northampton
‘Very helpful course. It will be a very useful tool to use with families I work with. I believe all outreach / family
support workers should access this training as part of their development. This course is exciting and challenging’ ‘This course has changed my perception of problems—I am not the solver with this approach, I am the facilitator.
This method is easy to steer progress through the session with clients, because it has a pathway of questions’
Solution Focused Trainer: Erik Wagter Tel: 078 777 58598

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