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Solution Focused is an organisation that delivers ‘Solution Focused Practice’ training programmes, ‘Conflict Resolution’ training programmes, ‘Autism & Behaviour’ training workshops, ‘Facilitators’ training for our 4-weekly parenting course ‘A Positive Relationship With My Child’ and Team Development Days. Solution Focused was founded in January 2010 by Erik Wagter. Erik has over 25 years experience working with families in a variety of different settings.

Erik Wagter
Erik Wagter

Between 2003 – 2009 Erik worked for the Family Resource Team in West Sussex, a team specialising in working with families at risk of breakdown.

Since 2010 Erik has worked with many Local Authorities such as Kent, Surrey, Northamptonshire, Medway, etc, as well as many family support organisations such as 4Children, Barnardos, Spurgeons, Action for Children and many more.

Please visit the testimonial page to read what other people say about Erik as a trainer / faciliator, the training content and the resources.

For more information about our resources please visit the products page.

To contact Erik to discuss your training needs or for any informal chat please phone 078 777 58598 or email office@solutionfocused.co.uk.

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