Solution Focused training in Norfolk



1 Day Solution Focused Practice training in Norfolk – 18th May

I always try to create win win win situations for my customers. Recently I launched a new initiative where I offer free places to any organisation that can offer me a training room and is willing to help me market the training in their local authority. This time I received an email from the manager of Fakenham Gateway Children’s Centre in Norfolk. You never know how these partnerships work out but this time I turned out really positive as 14 people signed up for the course plus with the 3 free places I gave to the centre I ended up with a nice group of 17 family support practitioners.

Do you want to hear a funny story?

The day before I traveled to Norfolk I had to book a hotel room. As all hotels were really expensive I ended up searching the net for a special deal. Finally I saw an offer I couldn’t resist. One night in a hotel for only £19.00. I quickly clicked on book now, filled in the details and I could tick that off my list. When I arrived at the hotel it looked slightly suspicious as there was no one there, the door was locked. I saw that there were code locks on the doors. I looked at my confirmation email and realised that I booked in a hotel for homeless people. I finally discovered how to open the doors and when I saw my room I was a little bit shocked. I was looking forward after a 4 hour journey to jump on the bed and watch some telly. Instead I walked into a room that was as big as my bathroom and all it had in it was a bed, a kettle and a toilet, that was it. From now on I will look twice at what I book…

The training day was amazing and for some strange reason the whole 4 hour journey back there was no traffic jam at all.


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