Solution Focused Training for Managers in Poole




Solution Focused Practice training day for Managers in Poole – 9th May

I had the pleasure to spend a day with a small group of managers in Poole. I always feel excited to meet new people, not a training day is the same. I was contracted by Poole to deliver the Solution Focused Practice training programme to front-line staff as well as managers. The idea was that the managers could continue to support the workers in using the Solution Focused approach. The challenge for me was that front line staff were given a 2 day training programme but managers could only attend the 1 day course.

As always, the group consisted of a lovely bunch of people and we quickly developed a really nice atmosphere in the training room.

A day after the training I received an email with the summary from the evaluation forms. Please click Evaluation Analysis – May to read their feedback

Interested in learning more about the Solution Focused approach? In 2012 I’ve created the Solution Focused Practice Staff Training DVD/CD-ROM. This DVD contains a 1 day training programme (total length is 2 hours and 18 minutes). The DVD has been created in such a way that it’s just like you are attending a 1 day dvd-box-jpegtraining course. Next to the 2 DVDs there is a CD-ROM containing hand-outs, certificates and a 29-page facilitators’ manual clearly explaining when the pause the DVD, hand-out the activity sheets, etc. Please click HERE if you are interested in purchasing this DVD.

If you are interested in discussing your training needs please contact me on 078 777 58598 or email me at

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